About Us

Collaborative care means you don't just receive one doctor’s opinion, you get the whole team.

Our Clinic

Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic is a state-of-the-art centre which has reached national and international distinction for offering highly sophisticated laboratory procedures.

Many people ask why our success rates are now higher than other programs in Glasgow and around Scotland. The short answer is our laboratory, and the constant quality checks and state of the art improvements that we make. Our laboratory closes down twice a year for quality control inspections to ensure that conditions are optimal for embryo development for every patient.

Glasgow Royal Fertility Centre provides licensed treatment through the licence and premises of the HFEA licensed centre at Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

The Team

Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic Team is dedicated to providing world-class fertility care, innovative procedures, and personalised treatment. With over 50 caring and compassionate team members, our doctors, nurses, counsellors, and additional team members we can offer you with the widest scope of treatment options and choices in care to provide you with the best chance to have a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery.

Research & News

Committed to advancing the IVF field globally, Professor Nelson shares the work he does at Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic with medical professionals around the world. “All around the globe doctors and patients recognise we have a unique approach that is transforming care" he says.

Below are some of the papers, articles and lectures that Prof Nelson and his team have published.

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