Alan and Elaine

It took three years, a fresh ICSI cycle and a frozen embryo transfer but their dream finally came true Elaine, 36 and her husband Alan, 37, conceived their beautiful baby boy, Sam.

Alan had been diagnosed with a low sperm count by his GP and the couple had already been seen by the NHS team and placed on the waiting list for treatment. While waiting on NHS treatment, they decided to expedite treatment and referred themselves to Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic.

“It was very easy to do as it was the same team who would look after us for our NHS treatment and they had all or notes and test results. The very first night that we met the team, we were on our way, getting ready to have our first cycle of ICSI. We had 3 good quality blastocysts, which was unexpected due to my low AMH, but it was incredible seeing our embryos develop with the Embryoscope. We had one embryo put back in and 2 embryos were frozen. 

Elaine and Alan successfully conceived with their frozen embryo transfer cycle. “I remember the day so well. I staring at the urinary test and the repeat that I had done to be sure for about 30 minutes. The emotion you get from this process can make the toughest people crumble, but that feeling you get when you find out you did it – no words.“

“In January 2016 we gave birth to a perfect baby boy. We are so grateful to the whole incredible team at GRFC“