Fiona and Clare

Fiona is 34 and Clare is 36, and although they have known each other forever they have only been together for a year.

They had known right from the start that wanted to be have a family together, but as they had not been together for two years they were not eligible for NHS treatment. So they contacted GRFC, where the team were able to provide them with details of the European Sperm Bank and arrange a consultation to discuss their options. They decided that they wanted Clare to be implanted with embryos created from Fiona’s eggs. 

Fiona produced 14 eggs, with 11 fertilising and 6 developing onto blastocysts. One embryo was transferred into  Clare, with a further three good quality blastocysts frozen. They gave birth to their beautiful daughter Mhairi in July. 

"We still can't believe it worked first time, and we still have more embryos in the freezer.
We will be back!"