Gillian was devastated to discover a lump in her breast at just 32 years old. After the initial surgery, and before commencing chemotherapy, Gillian decided that she would store some eggs in case she needed them in the future. 

Gillian met the team who explained that chemotherapy will have a detrimental impact on the ovarian reserve and that some women will go through an early menopause once chemotherapy has been completed. The oncology team at the Beatson completely supported her decision and Gillian started treatment to store her eggs within 2 days of meeting the team. After 12 days of FSH injections Gillian had 12 oocytes vitrified for future use, and was then back in the Beatson Oncology Centre receiving her first cycle of chemotherapy later that week.

"I was astounded the whole process took only 3 weeks and I now have 12 eggs in storage"