Sarah and John

Sarah and John had been trying for 2 years without success, so they called GRFC on the recommendation of Sarah’s sister.

Prior to their first appointment with the team, Sarh had an AMH blood test to check her ovarian reserve and John had a semen analysis. When we met the couple, their history, an ultrasound test and their previous tests suggested that they had unexplained infertility.

Unexplained infertility is a fairly common diagnosis, accounting for up to 35% of all infertility problems. With young couples such as Sarah and John, IVF is now recognised as the optimal treatment for unexplained infertility. 

That evening the couple decided to start IVF. Within 2 months of that very first consult Sarah had a positive pregnancy test and they now have a healthy baby boy.

“The whole team were brilliant from start to finish. We had treatment immediately which we never thought could happen in an NHS unit”