HFEA reports we have the second highest live birth rates in the UK

We appreciate that success rates are only part of the decision making process when choosing your fertility clinic. We are delighted to present our results from all patients treated in 2017 which are the latest figures from the HFEA


It’s not always easy to understand what a clinic’s results mean and the best way to really understand your chances of successful treatment with Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic is to talk to one of our consultants. But if you’d like to look through our success rates and other results in advance, we can help you to get to grips with what they mean for you. If you have any questions please just call the team at GRFC and they’ll be happy to help you

Success rates are usually presented by the stage of treatment a patient has reached, and measured by the stage reached during pregnancy. The first common measure of success is a pregnancy test, referred to as a positive hCG or a biochemical pregnancy rate. The next is an ultrasound scan, referred to as the clinical pregnancy rate which we undertake at 8 weeks of pregnancy, when most miscarriages will already have happened. We are delighted to be able to show the success that we have had in the last year, reflecting the state of the art laboratory at Glasgow Royal.  Finally, clinics will also show their birth rate, which is the delivery, whether it is one baby or twins it is a single delivery, and this is known as the live birth rate.  Very shortly we will be able to present the live birth data for all patients treated in 2017.