Donor Egg

Donor egg treatment is defined as an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle in which a woman uses another woman's eggs (the donor) rather than her own.

The success rate will reflect the age of the donor. Where a patient does not have access to a suitable egg donor, we have linked with one of the best egg donation clinics in Europe.

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  • When moving forward with donor egg treatment, the first step is to identify an egg donor. Given the shortage of egg donors within the UK, Glasgow Royal Fertility Clinic (GRFC) has partnered with the Instituto Bernabeu in Spain that provides access to a large range of young, healthy egg donors.

    If moving forward with Instituto Bernabeu for egg donation treatment, our team ensures a strict process control is followed. The egg donation department at Instituto Bernabeu will search their bank for the donor most similar in terms of eye and skin colour, hair type, height, weight and blood type.

    The first step is to arrange a consultation at GRFC. At the consultation, Isabel Traynor, Nurse Manager, will talk through the process and be your local liaison for treatment with Instituto Bernabeu.

  • Selecting the ideal donor

    Where a patient identifies a donor within the UK that they wish to use, the first step is to arrange a consultation on 0141 956 0509.


Our full price list can be found here for download. Should you have any questions about the fees, please contact us on 0141 956 0509 and speak to a member of staff.