IVF In Vitro Fertilisation

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  • During the IVF procedure, an egg is removed from the female’s ovaries and fertilised with sperm in an embryology laboratory. The embryo is then returned to the womb to grow.

    The procedure can be carried out using patients own eggs and their partner’s sperm, or eggs/sperm from donors.

    Similar to many clinics in the USA, GRFC has replaced IVF procedures with ICSI. This is due to overwhelming evidence of better success rates using an ICSI procedure. A study analysed more than 140,000 cycles from across the UK and the results verified that live birth rates could be improved by 27% by using ICSI rather than IVF.

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Our full price list can be found here for download. Should you have any questions about the fees, please contact us on 0141 956 0509 and speak to a member of staff.